Welcome to RxSolutions Technology! 

Our products include a wide range of OEM and consumer fans, lithium-ion battery devices, USB adapters, headsets, cable assemblies and retractable cable devices such as mice, earbuds and chargers.

We pride ourselves on fast response, robust engineering support, product quality and parts customization.

We also offer a sourcing service for other electrical and electronic components.

We ship to most countries around the world from ports on the China mainland or Hong Kong.


  • 7x england
  • 8x japanese
  • 9x brazil
  • 10x dutch
  • 11x irish
  • 12x spanish
  • 13x swedish
  • 15x swiss
  • 16x belg
  • 17x danish
  • 18x Vietnam
  • 19x greece
  • 20x taiwan
  • 1x chinese
  • 1x US
  • 3x uk
  • 4x german
  • 5x french
  • 6x italian


Solutions that you can depend on.


Factory:  Shenzhen Rx SOLUTIONS Technology Co., Ltd.  Building 2, No.2 Industrial Zone Heshuikou, GongMing Town,
Guangming New Area, Shenzhen, China +86 769 8800 7627
ChangAn office address:  No.513C ChunFeng Ming,  Yuan XianXi Mingen East Street, Changan Town, DongGuan, GuangDong  Office: +86 769 8800 7627  Cell +86 136 0968 9281

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