Shenzhen RxSOLUTIONS Technology is the export arm of a well known and respected China-based fan and  Li-ion battery manufacturer founded in 1998 and located in South East China.

Our fan products are primarily aimed at the electronics industry and related areas with some items included.  We have wide range of standard products that fit most applications.  Requests for special requirements are always welcome, considered seriously and replied to  promptly.

Our products are used across a wide range of industry applications including cooling and filtration for:
- Network switches/routers.
- Server enclosures.
- Server blades.
- CPUs’ and CPU heat sinks.   
- Automobile electronics.
- Power supplies.
- Cabinets and control panels.
- Machines and associated equipment.
- Refrigeration.
- Medical equipment.

In addition to fans Shenzhen RxSOLUTIONS Technology also offers the following products:
- Lithium-ion battery products.
- Notebook coolers.
- Consumer USB and battery powered desktop fans.
- Rocker switches for marine, off-road and commercial vehicles.
- Retractable data cables, USB adapters, chargers and mice.
- Retractable audio cable and ear buds.
- Wireless headsets.
- Interconnect cables for audio and computer applications.
- Cable assemlies.
- Power cords.


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Factory:  Shenzhen Rx SOLUTIONS Technology Co., Ltd.  Building 2, No.2 Industrial Zone Heshuikou, GongMing Town,
Guangming New Area, Shenzhen, China +86 769 8800 7627
ChangAn office address:  No.513C ChunFeng Ming,  Yuan XianXi Mingen East Street, Changan Town, DongGuan, GuangDong  Office: +86 769 8800 7627  Cell +86 136 0968 9281

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