Shenzhen RxSOLUTIONS Technology offers application support for all products.  The more information that you provide allows the best selection first time.

Axial cooling fans and centrifugal blowers are commonly used for these application types:
- Equipment and enclosure ventilation,
- CPU, VPU and power semiconductor cooling.
- Soldering station fume extraction.
- Consumer products such as atomizers, air filters & electronic air cleaners.

When suggesting a fan for your application it is helpful to know some or all of the following:
- Air changes required (#/hour).
- Airflow volume requirements. (cubic feet/minute, cubic meters/hour)
- Environment.  (dry, wet, dusty etc)
- Supply voltage and frequency. (12VDC, 110VAC 60HZ etc)
- Constant or variable speed. (PWM control)
- Frame size restrictions. (LxWxD)
- Noise level restrictions.
- Motor bearing preference. (ball, sleeve etc)
- Maximum current draw. (amps)
- Static pressure. (mm/H2O, IN/H2O)
- Safety (finger guard, filter).

Lithium-ion products:
- Application.
- Battery capacity.
- Battery or device output voltage.

Rocker switches used for automotive and marine applications are usually specified as follows:
- Number of switched poles (circuits).
- Switch configuration: Form 1 (NO), form 2(NC) or form 3 (DT).
- Switch action: Two position, 3 position center OFF.
- Spring action (bias): Return to OFF upon release, return to center upon release.
- Operating voltage (12VDC, 24VDC).
- Operating current (amps).
- Inrush current typical with many DC motors (A/S).
- LED requirements: Color, location.
- Engraved legend specification (winch, fan, doors).
- Circuit protection (thermal breaker).

Power cords are specified by:
- Cable size.
- Cable certification.
- Plug and socket types.
- Compliance marking.

Consumer items:
Items such as USB fans, Li-ion battery products, retractable cables, wireless headsets and so on can be selected according to your requirements.  Special requirements such as customer logos, color and packaging can usually be accommodated.






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